Startups We Are Incubating In Canada


eSpotZ creates next generation eSports athletes, by developing an Online Multiplayer eSports Platform for Mobile Games so that video game players can also get similar recognition like any other sportsmen, athletes or celebrities.

Positive, By DonnaFMCG

Positive(Brand), Donna FMCG is on a mission to detox your self care routine with  healthy, plant based products for skin & hair. They believe that one should "Apply what you eat" & so Ingredients that one can’t eat, do not deserve a place in one's shelf.


Intelisa offers AI-driven intelligent digital signage technology solution that digitally highlights products in-store and amplifies their sales and overall retail performance.


Siply provides Tech based financial advisory services for high net worth, mass affleunt and retail clients through impact driven micro milestones that greatly improve a person's financial standing.

OutReal Gaming

OutReal is a Cloud VR gaming company. They provide cloud gaming service for standalone VR headset users. Their cutting edge tech allows users to play photorealistic VR games from cloud. 

Orders Retail

Orders Retail is a B2B platform for connecting buyer and manufacturer. Their key area is to promote stand alone organised modern trade. They handpick manufacturers and place them in departmental stores globally.

Miles Mate

Miles Mate is an auto-tech company, keen to change overall experience with the automotive world. Their objective is to make the world a safe place to drive & save lives. Their AI Driven Genie incentivizes people for driving safely.


Quifers is a logistics tech automation company that offers a Full-Stack SaaS solution for all types of goods movement. Their offerings include an integrated SaaS product and worldwide application that manages logistics till the delivery to the end customers.


Drishta Virtual Reality (VR) is one of first and largest experiential and joyful Virtual Reality Activity in schools. Drishta VR enables kids at schools to step into the unknown, aided by science and technology.


Savart is a wealth management platform  suitable for long-term investors. They started with a small idea to help individuals make good investment decisions and are now growing into a platform that gives wings to dreams & power to passion, one step at a time.


LineupX Is a digital platform which intends to revolutionize the way recruitment is done. Their solution leverages the combined strength of Human and Machine intelligence to provide an unmatched experience for organisation as well as individuals.

RUR Industries

RUR Industries  is providing solutions, services and products covering wide spectrum of Telematics and Telecommunication needs by providing gainful employment, training and developing all to increase productivity also finding new ways, products and solutions that can have a huge impact on society.

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