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What is Canada Startup Visa Program?

Canada's startup visa program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with essential skills and potential to build business in Canada that :


Can Create Jobs In Canada

Can Compete on Global Scale

Why Canada For Living?


Job Market

More than 50K jobs generated monthly.


Booming Economy

Ranked 11th wealthiest country in the world.


Safe & Secure

Ranked 7th Safest country in the world.


Multi Cultural

1 in every  5 Canadian resident is born outside Canada.


Govt. Amenities

Education and Medical is funded by Government.


Life Quality

2nd best country to live with expectancy of 81 Yrs.

Who Should Apply?

Any Global Startup entity is welcome to register on our portal who wants to settle themselves and their business in Canadian Startup Ecosystem.


Idea Stage Startups

Idea stage is the most vulnerable stage for any startup founder. Lack of funding and advisory support can trim wings before they could fly. Incubation program aims to nurture and provide support during the initial and critical stages of starting up a new business. Incubation program helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, streamline their operations.


Early Stage Startups

If your startup has achieved MVP and few paying clients, your entrepreneurial journey has just begun. You now need an ecosystem to support you and your business. You now need partnerships and associatiations with Accelerators, Angels and VCs. It’s a common practice to participate in an Incubator during this stage of startup.


Growth Stage Startups

When your startup has gained traction, has achieved market share, has raised some funding and is further looking up to expand  wings by penetrating into newer arenas, there isn't any better opportunity to register for an incubation programme. Since, most of the Founders are so enthusiastic to enter Canadian startup ecosystem, our Incubator Programme suits all such incubation and funding needs.

What You Get?

If your Startup get selected.

Kickstart operations in Canada with a minimum seed funding of 

CAD 75K which can go upto CAD 350K

Apart from sufficient funding, our program also gives opportunity to founders so that they can get valuable mentorship from Top CEOs & Senior industry executives.
This program also comes as medium for developing talent & human capital to facilitate venture growth, a crucial element of entrepreneurship.
Industry networking events form part of this package.

Our program is a golden opportunity to get 12 months of incubation support with access to Government Incentives, Easy access to office space and regular sessions for simplifying adherence to Canadian Business Regulations.

Our program provides Founders with hassle-free Permanent Residency and immigration support facilities for Canada. This is coupled with leadership development and access to world class startup ecosystem.

Note: CanQbate or Nucleus Advisors are not the immigration consultants in any capacity. We engage with authorised consultants for the support.

Startups also get credits upto CAD 500K of tech bundle including some of the prominent services like AWS, Slack, Zoom, etc.


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CanQbate is an initiative by Nucleus Advisors which is a growing Investment Banking and Risk Advisory Firm. 
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